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“Memories Flooding Back—Part 2” by Kitsch Harris

To see pieces from the sold-out show ("Memories Flooding Back—Part 1"), please click here.

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Artist Information

Kitsch Harris
From: Ruston, LA
Currently: Indiana, PA




Artist Bio

Kitsch Harris an artist and designer from Ruston, Louisiana. He holds a BFA from Louisiana Tech University in Communication Design. He is inspired by the religions, cultures, and landscapes of Louisiana. Kitsch's work draws from the inward struggles of growing up in the bible belt, but being surrounded by the tourism and yet taboo of the occult. Common themes of his work are growing up, religion, acceptance, and the concept of home.

The Work

This body of work is painted digitally, printed on watercolor paper, and encased in encaustic wax; creating one of a kind pieces. Encaustic, one of the oldest surviving art forms, is a
combination of beeswax and damar resin. It is believed to originate in Greece around 323 BC, and become perfected by 5 BC in Egypt. Once created, Encaustic paintings continue to harden for 6 months to 2 years.

This work is inspired by the things that Kitsch remembers, and misses from growing up in Louisiana. The hodgepodge of religions, collective memories, cultures, and environmental factors gives this work life. Louisiana is a flood, sweeping unrelated things up and pouring them out into something new and different. Louisiana is the true definition of a melting pot and this work depicts a celebration of Louisiana's culture and history.

Please click the photos and links below for more information and to purchase.

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Albino Gator

7" x 5"


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7" x 5"


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A Sportsman's Paradise

14" x 10"


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Blue Bayou

6" x 8"

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Live Oak

8" x 8"

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Mary and Babe

10" x 14"


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7.5" x 16"

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Pirogue and Toad

7.5" x 16"


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King Cake Jesus

6" x 8"

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Papa Legba

10" x 12"


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Stone to Flesh

7 x 5"

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Marie Laveau

10" x 12"